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Collaborate with Control ERP to streamline your business workflow through flexible modules.
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    Dynamic Retail Omnichannel Solutions for your E-commerce Store

    Inventory Management

    Synchronize your inventory in real time and get a detailed overview of available stock.

    POS Counter

    Dedicated Point of Sales workstation to improve the shopping experience of your customers.

    Order Management

    Monitor RFQs and keep a track of your quotes and order status in real time.

    Billing & Payments

    Accept payments through multiple payment gateways in a secure manner.

    HR and Payroll

    Design a flexible recruitment process and increase employee engagement.

    Product Returns

    Simplify product returns for your customer and address the related issues effectively.
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    Our Retailing expertise helps you sustain the cutting-throat competition while meeting the dynamic consumer needs easily. Overcome the challenge of ensuring enhanced customer experience and loyalty, while maintaining a healthy bottom-line. Move closer to a successful multi-store retail business!

    With Control ERP, your business can achieve:
    • 100% workflow automation.
    • 80% increase in customer satisfaction due to timely order fulfillment.
    • 70% increase in overall sales.


    Understand your customers like never before through CRM.


    Visualize all the KPIs in real-time through an intuitive dashboard functionality and make strategic decisions.


    Built on the lines of Odoo, Control ERP synchronizes customer lists, orders and product inventories in real-time.

    Race Ahead in the Cut-throat Competition with Control ERP!


    ERP is just restricted to accounting and finance, then what is a Retail POS system?

    ERP is not restricted to just finances and accounting, they can provide additional facilities to your organization. However, modern retail POS systems can provide you deep insights about customer activities and streamline retail operations.

    How to know what to include in your retail software?

    An ERP organization that has profound knowledge about your industry can assist you to include the right features in your retail software.

    Which is the best Retail ERP?

    The best retail ERP solution differs from company to company. A budding enterprise may need a different set of from that of a large organization. Our experts can suggest an optimal solution based on your industry and business position.

    When to update your Retail management system?

    A time-consuming decision process, increased working capital, poor customer experience, and expansion are key signs that you need to update your retail management system.

    What to choose between on-premise retail ERP or cloud-based retail ERP?

    Our experts suggest cloud-based retail ERP as it gives you an opportunity to stay updated round the clock. However, the final choice depends on the size, nature, and needs of your business.

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