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Collaborate with Control ERP to streamline your business workflow through flexible modules.
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    Transforming Healthcare, one hospital at a time

    We strive to lead the health industry forward, using our next generation Control ERP for managing Hospital and Healthcare Institutions.

    Effortless Regulatory Changes

    Built from the ground up to make sure your system is always up-to-date with regulatory changes.

    Take better care of Patients

    Collection and critical data analysis, reporting, and communication using Control ERP will help you take better care of your patients.

    Streamlining the Healthcare Process

    Every aspect of healthcare is integrated and coordinated to help you easily manage everything from Patient Registration to Payments

    Reducing Administrative Cost

    With next-generation ERP that helps you automate almost every action in your healthcare department,

    Best Practices Guaranteed

    Efficiently manage all policies and process in your organization. Moreover, keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the Industry.

    Doctor & Patient Workbench

    Seamlessly manage all required schedules, past & future visiting dates, calendars, and medical prescriptions.
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    A Revolutionary ERP solution for your Healthcare Organization

    Streamline everything: from healthcare services to insurance providers, and keep patients informed and updated with centralized information. The easy to use Control ERP will become crucial for healthcare professionals, helping them focus on what really matters - the wellbeing of their patients.
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    How it works

    Take Control of Wellbeing, One Patient at a Time

    Most ERPs are developed keeping the industry in mind, making them general. Control ERP keeps your healthcare organization in mind during implementation so that every little detail is managed directly, using smart processes and detailed reporting.
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    Ready for the most reliable ERP in Healthcare?


    Why do you need a healthcare ERP?

    Healthcare ERP helps to organize and maintain updated records of patients, equipment, medicines, reports, internal staff, and treatments. The right healthcare ERP solution can ease communication.

    Where can I search for different healthcare ERP systems?

    Control ERP’s website and experts can assist you to search for different ERPs in the healthcare industry. Experts can also custom-design an ERP solution that acts as a centralized point of contact for your healthcare institution.

    How to choose the right healthcare ERP solution?

    There are a couple of healthcare ERP solutions available but it is important to choose the one that can suffice your business needs. Control ERP’s professionals possess the expertise to recommend the right healthcare ERP solution.

    How to implement ERP in the healthcare industry?

    Our skilled professionals have profound knowledge in successful implementation of healthcare ERP solutions. They can implement the ERP system securely and also provide basic training to use it effectively.

    Is Cloud healthcare ERP solution the right choice?

    Cloud-based ERP for healthcare comprises automated functionalities. This next-generation solution improves facilities and efficiency of your healthcare institution.

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