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Collaborate with Control ERP to streamline your business workflow through flexible modules.
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    World-class Cloud BI & ERP Platform

    100% Data Visibility +
    100% Workflow Automation

    150+ Customized Reports

    Analyzing Sales and Margin KPIs was never so easy.

    Self-Service BI

    Work with your data like a PRO with 0% dependency on the IT team.

    Assured Data Privacy

    Your data is safe on the AWS servers. Our secure encryption tunnel prevents unauthorized access to data at all times.

    Real-time Data Transformation

    Visualize your crucial business data being cleansed, warehoused, mined, and analyzed in real-time.

    Proven ROI of Over 1200%

    There is no limit to your ROI once you start using Managed Analytics from Control ERP’s interface.

    Sales and Margin Analytics

    Identify hidden opportunities and poorly performing product lines, and ultimately improve gross margins

    Retail Analytics

    Focus on getting actionable insights from data related to sales, inventory, customers, and other important dimensions.

    Drillable Reports

    Get a 360-degree view of business performance across all departments of your organization.

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