Inventory Replenishment Software

Reduce inventory costs and keep service levels high

At all stages of the supply chain, the right replenishment strategy balances the tradeoffs of the supply chain delivering the highest service levels at the lowest possible cost. Most retailers have already invested in systems and processes to increase forecast accuracy and improve replenishment processes. However, even the best retailers are still constrained by the current technology environment leading to out-of-stocks and lost sales. This is where Control Replenishment software can assist you in the following ways:

  • Improved retail performance through more accurate merchandising planning
  • Replenishment and forecast is included in one system and is updated real-time
  • Minimizes inventory investment, storage costs while ensuring sales are maintained
  • Mitigating the risk of demand and supply volatility
  • Optimize safety stock, ensure lesser lost sales due to stock shortages and decreases unnecessary out-of-stock situations
  • Delivers higher profits  due to less markdowns.

The Control Replenishment features include:

Automated Order Generation: A best in class replenishment solution helps you automate ordering, reordering, generation of suggested reorders to generation of reorder reports for management.

Allocation of Inventory: Gain insight to suggested allocations that can be generated, reviewed and used to create orders on suppliers by effectively managing the flow of inventory through the supply chain while stock ordered centrally can be allocated to stores as the order is placed.

Forecast or Open-to-Buy: A comprehensive system ideal for any retailers with ever-changing ranges which can be easily maintained by department, sub-department, supplier, store, product group etc.

Interactive Multi-Location Replenishment: Ensure, set or modify suggested replenishment quantity for individual items taking into account sale’s history across various stores, details of recent purchases etc. to maximize profitability across multiple channels of demand.

Other features: Includes extensive sales order analysis, overseas orders produced in foreign currency, full import costing and much more.

Benefits of Control Replenishment System include:

  • Reduces inventory and improves inventory turns
  • Increases in-stock availability and customer service levels
  • Decreases markdowns, obsolescence and waste
  • Increases replenishment system user's efficiency

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