Merchandising Management System

Offer the Right Product to the Right Customer at the Right Price to make a Purchase!

Merchandising is any practice used in order to conduct retail sales. As a part of the process, the retail merchandiser pays close attention to the types of products offered for sale, display of those products to consumers and determining reasonable retail price for a product in such a way that is stimulates interest and entice customers to make a purchase. Today retailers need a flexible, scalable system to manage the increasing complexities of the retail environment. Control simplifies merchandising while assisting you to drive sales, improve profits and achieve the best possible results.

Merchandising features include:

  • Flexible and comprehensive stock maintenance
  • Price & promotion management
  • Efficient managing of merchandising operations across multi-locations
  • Ability to manage other merchandising features such as style, color, size, sub-size, serial number facilities for warranty, stock tracking or recall and lots more

Control Merchandising Benefits

  • Highly flexible, scalable to suit global retailers merchandising requirements
  • Data integrity by providing one central source for components like stock, pricing and promotions
  • Enables visibility of retail and efficiently manages operations
  • Easily manages stock range and encourages consumer spend

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In addition to Merchandising, Control Retail Management system and POS integrates fully with Retail CRM, Inventory Management, Online Trading, Sales & Profit Analysis, Order Entry & Invoicing, Replenishment and more.

Now it’s your part to feel the dramatic change in your organization and to boost the revenue with Control Merchandising which is easy-to-use and fast to implement. Contact Us today or send us an email at ( to discuss about your requirements.