Homewares Retail Software

The unique industry challenges

  • Ability to handle wide range of style, size, color variations and combinations specially in relation to stock management and forecasting
  • Streamline every facet of your business from inventory management to effectively tracking of the merchandise performance at company level, department, classification and/or sub-classification level
  • Effectively analyze financial performance and results of each department or shop floor

Retail Management for Homeware and Furnishing

Control for Homewares and Furnishings industry is rich in features you need and full integrated with POS system that automates and simplifies your complex retail requirements and provide you benefits such as:

  • Improved forecasting, inventory management and replenishment with open-to-buy facility.
  • Enables multi-store level and warehouse stock management.
  • Provides sales insight based on per square meter, per department helping you optimize shop floor profitability.
  • Automatically takes care of price variations for items sold individually or as a set.
  • Improves cash flow, financial performance, customer service and increases overall sales.

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Control for Homewares and Furnishings is a comprehensive and highly flexible retail management solution that provides the features and functionality you need to run a more efficient and profitable operation and deliver the kind of service that builds customer loyalty and long-lasting relationships with your customers.

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