Supermarkets POS System

The unique industry challenges

  • Multitude of stock keeping units across different departments and sub-departments
  • Managing products that come with a short shelf cycle
  • Dealing with changing customer tastes, preferences and controlling expenses and operating costs

Retail Management for Supermarkets

Control for Supermarkets is all in one POS and retail management system for supermarket store that simplifies and automates the complex retail requirement and provides the following benefits:

  • Manages expiry and “best buy” dates.
  • Easily handles weight barcodes and enables analysis of ‘revenue per facing’ thus optimizing the product facing and sales.
  • Provides detailed analysis of dollars per square meter, per department thus optimizing the shop floor profitability.
  • Improved forecasting, improved customer services and improved overall sales via in-built CRM modules.

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Control is fast to implement, easy to use and comes with comprehensive POS system functionality as well as sophisticated backend features.

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