Sales & Profit Analysis Software

Analyze sales and drive profits with Sales & Profit Analysis tool

The retailers need sales and profit analysis software that they can trust to understand the increasingly complex customer behavior, sales performance, gain accurate insight into how well their products, staff and stock are performing. A statistical analysis system is important for any business regardless of the type of business or the size. Good profit sales analysis software should be able to help you with a variety of other tasks too.

Perhaps you would be looking ways to maximize profitability but you are not sure which areas need attention? Our Control Sales and Profit Analysis module can help transform your data into actionable insights for maximized sales and operational efficiency.  Control comes with around 150+ predefined reports which can be customized to provide fast analysis of recurring trends in your sales cycles and recognize market trends.

Control Sales & Profit Analysis features include:

  • Salesperson analysis includes each sale person’s sales per hour, what items or categories they sell the most, discounts, comparison to budgets and lots more.
  • Turnover analysis includes gross profit, stock turns, Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI), best and worst performer etc.
  • Customer analysis includes customer survey data, best and worst customers and more.
  • Other features include promotion analysis, markdown analysis, lost sales and much more.

Importantly, Control Sales and Profit Analysis is just one module of Control that leverages high volume of transactional data combined with user-driven analytics and reports to make informed decisions faster. Control Sales & Profit Analysis system can be well integrated with other modules such as POS, Inventory Management, Online Store, Retail CRM, Merchandising, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Replenishment and General Ledger modules.

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