Retail CRM Software Solutions

Create personalized customer experiences, enhanced customer satisfaction and improved customer service

In today’s fierce competitive business world, retail success depends on utilizing full retail solutions to develop a long-lasting relationship with a customer. Customer loyalty is very valuable to retailers of all sizes. But with the proliferation of online channels, it’s become vital for retailers to understand customer behavior and build lifetime loyalty in order to stay profitable.

As a multi-store retailer, how do you keep track of your customer preferences, shopping habits and their history? With Control Retail CRM solution retailers can manage all their customer touch points more effectively and meet the challenges that the market brings - building loyalty, gain insight into customer decision making, manage customer relationships from loyalty programs to targeted marketing campaigns to instant promotional offers and deliver a seamless customer experience with integrated business processes.

The Retail CRM Solution features include:

  • Analyze rich database of customer details collected at POS, eBay, online store etc.
  • Build and manage flexible loyalty programs and reward management
  • Execute and manage marketing campaigns(targeted emails, SMS & MMS marketing) and promotions
  • Enable customers to redeem loyalty points across channels
  • Powerful analytics capability to determine customer’s buying habits

Benefits of Control CRM System

  • Provides immediate insight into prospect or customer originating from any channel.
  • Works as a powerful tool that provides customer details in an instant.
  • Holds and keeps track of customers’ previous purchases, preferences etc.
  • Accurate data capture and uninterrupted customer interactions.
  • Delivers an excellent customer service and attract long-term customer loyalty.
  • Provides a growing list of customers you can regularly promote and sell to.
  • Easily segment buyers and tailor your promotions for targeted buyers that result in higher sales.
  • Enables you to sell in the right way to the right customer and at the right place and time.
  • Generate more focused promotional campaigns and activities that lead to higher ROI.

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With real-time connectivity across all sales channels, Control’s automated retail CRM software provides the functionality you need for effective retail marketing.

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