Order Entry & Invoicing System

Comprehensive system for fast-tracking order-to-cash process

Control Order Entry and Invoicing is a comprehensive system that fast-tracks your order-to-cash process by eliminating errors and establishing a smooth flow from sales to quotes to approved order, successful order fulfillment and timely invoicing to payment. The order entry software is simple-to-use and also takes care of returns, credit notes etc. The system effectively manages back orders and transfers and enables powerful enquiry facilities to instantly locate customer details, repair work, orders and much more.

The Order Entry and Invoicing System benefits include:

  • Fast and efficient quote accuracy, order entry and invoicing process
  • Eliminates manual bottle-necks and billing errors
  • Reduced manual administration and double transaction entry
  • Take control of the quote and order process to deliver improved cash flow and accurate invoicing
  • Strengthens revenue recognition process and drives fulfillment accuracy and efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction and enhanced customer service
  • Improved business performance with real-time access to sales outstanding and other key collection information

The Order Entry & Invoicing system functionality includes:

  • Extensive Customer Functionality: The system provides sophisticated customer search facility plus the ability to create a new customer account with configurable demographics while processing a transaction. When a customer is selected the operator is prompted with things like credit status, recent purchases, special pricing, loyalty points’ accumulation etc.
  • Special Pricing Option and Discount Control: Control will select the correct item price for each product sold taking into account various factors such as discounts, promotional price etc.
  • Enquiry Facilities: Look up a list of alternative products, complete with stock levels and availability across stores and warehouse, detailed product information, customer information, other customer orders and lots more.
  • Special Product Types: The order entry module includes style, color, size, serial numbered stock etc. Also, it has the ability to determine the product availability or sell a customized product by specifying a base product and then selecting from a list of possible attributes and lots more.
  • Multiple Deliveries: Featuring multiple shipping quotes and ready-to-use functionalities the order entry and invoicing module can perform functions like print shipping labels, calculation of delivery charge based on internally maintained freight rates and schedule delivery using your own delivery service.
  • Other Features: Easy to use configurable options allow Order Entry and Invoicing module to customize to your needs without having much knowledge of programming.

Control’s invoicing software turns your billing management process into a competitive asset by completely integrating it into your business. Importantly, the Order Entry and Invoicing system integrates well with other modules such as Inventory Management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger etc.

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