Mobile Phone Retailing Software

The unique industry challenges

  • Ability to track devices by IMEI (International Manufacturers Equipment Identifier) number
  • Ability to record pre-paid versus postpaid sales
  • Track payments, commission on sales record and easily capture and maintain rebate on varied handsets

Retail Management for Mobile Phone stores

The mobile phones are changing the world of retail at a remarkable speed and represent a fundamental shift in consumer behavior. The mobile retailers know they need to move quickly to stay ahead of the curve, provide targeted marketing and enable their customers to buy what they want, when they want and where they want it. Control for Mobile Phone Retailing is a POS and retail management system which simplifies and automates the complex retail requirement of the mobile phone retailers and provides the following benefits.

  • Enables IMEI from the moment the phone arrives at the store till its lifetime
  • Records pre-paid and post-paid transactions, commission, rebates due, raises rebate request on supplier, enables rebate reconciliation to the supplier etc.
  • Allows up to 10,000 plans for any mobile device
  • Manages stocks at both the multi-store level and warehouse
  • Streamlines inventory management, improves customer services and overall sales via customer relationship management module

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Whether you are a local, regional or multinational business, Control for Mobile Phone Retailing is software for all that provides the flexibility and scalability needed by the mobile phone retailing industry for increased profitability and unparalleled growth.

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