Control Kits & Manufacturing Software

Easily manage advanced production planning, scheduling and manufacturing process

Control’s Manufacturing and Kits module is an intelligent production planning software that gives manufacturers a competitive edge and helps them avoid some of the common obstacles to profitability which include low yield, excessive waste and poor delivery performance. Whether you are a manufacturer of mills and metals, jewellery items or assemble finished goods from several components in order to sell as a kit, Control Manufacturing and Kit software can help you in various ways such as:

  • Powerful support for every planning horizon
  • Achieve new levels of efficiency in production planning that enables planners to optimize production plans smoothly and cost efficiently
  • Gain full visibility and control over the entire production process from long range supply chain design, optimization to production scheduling, cost and production variances
  • Minimize raw material shortages and allows full audit trial of the manufactured material
  • Calculation of the raw material cost and production of a specific product to deliver the right retail price

Control Manufacturing Planning Software features include:

  • Control manufacturing process software can manage complex multi-level assemblies and bills of materials
  • An essential module to allow full calculation and updation of the finished goods cost and selling price
  • Calculation of raw material planning requirements and shortages in large scale multi-cell environment
  • Accurate and precise quantity entry of the finished goods automatically reduces the raw materials used
  • Series of report generation on the manufacturing process to assist decision making process

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With Control Manufacturing & Kits module you can now easily maintain customer satisfaction while ensuring conformance with plans and profitability across the firm

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