Jewellery & Giftware Retail Software

The unique industry challenges

  • Increased competition from jewellery retailers, rising cost of precious metals and ever-changing consumers tastes and preferences
  • Fluctuating global economy impacting buyer’s confidence
  • Jewellery retailers are expected to deliver fully finished products and offer promotions that better appeal to the consumer’s unique specifications

Retail Management System for Jewellery and Giftware stores

The jewellery and giftware industries are enjoying growing demands from consumers worldwide. Also, the industries are adapting fast to meet ever-changing and increasing demands of the global consumers. Control for Jewellery and Giftware stores is a point-of-sale and retail management solution that gives entire retail enterprise the tools to simplify and automate the complex requirements of the jewellery and giftware retailers to achieve retail success. The benefits include:

  • Manage your retail store more efficiently with point of sale software or seamless interface with tablet device like iPad.
  • Improved stock visualization at multi-store level and to develop effective inventory management that will maximize your sales.
  • Supports automatic printing of jewellery tags thus minimizing the time to price and identify items.
  • Enables automated tracking of customer orders from design specifications for bespoke jewellery and jewellery repair work including item image capture, details of components and services, progress of work etc.
  • Improves customer service, customer satisfaction and overall sales via CRM module.

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Control for Jewellery and Giftware stores comes with a comprehensive POS system functionality and enhanced backend features.

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