ERP Implementaion

Successful ERP implementation depends on partnering with a competent and trusted software provider. We ensure your Control POS software implementation will allow your organization to achieve business goals through updated business processes supported by the appropriate technology. Also, depending on your business requirements our implementation services can include supply of hardware and networking solutions utilizing the advanced support tools and technology.

Control is an extremely flexible POS software package that can be tailored to meet individual’s retail requirements. Encompassing 24*7 support and unlimited implementation assistance is available to guide staff in their specific implementation of Control POS software package.

We are also adept to provide consultation advice on how your business can get the most out of your new system as well as develop a training schedule to train your resources that plan to use Control.

If Control doesn’t meet any of your business special requirements then we will customize your package to meet those specific needs. Customization can be done when the system is being installed or as needs arises over time. This customization is implemented in such a way that you automatically get your customization features in any future upgrades of the POS Control.

Our other services include Training and Support and Customer Support Agreement (CSA) and Upgrades.

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