Health Food Stores Retail Software

The unique industry challenges

  • Increased competition from online health retailers and large supermarkets with their own ‘health food’ departments
  • Ability to manage and identify “best before” and expiry dates
  • Ability to manage bulk items as well as do batch control when receiving and selling stock

Retail Management for Health Food Stores and Sports Nutrition

Control for Health Stores is specifically designed to support the complex retail requirements of the health store industry and helps businesses manage growth, refine operations and increase profitability.

The benefits include:

  • Enables you to determine campaign effectiveness via targeted and relevant promotions, loyalty programs and personalized service offerings utilizing the in-built CRM module.
  • Effective marketing of health food online via integrated Online Store module.
  • Automates inventory requirements such as expiry dates or repackaging of the bulk items.
  • Streamline processes and provide greater visibility of operational performance.
  • Enables better relationships with variety of suppliers.
  • Efficient supply chain management with different integrated modules like POS, inventory management and replenishment.

For more detailed information on Control for natural health products, download PDF now.

Control for Health Food stores is a point-of-sale and retail management system that’s just right for health food service operations to react quickly, streamline operations and maximize return on investment.

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