Hardware and DIY Retail Software

The unique industry challenges

  • Dealing with pricing complexity i.e charging for larger items that need to be cut or paint products that involves use of tints
  • Inventory control to minimize stock run outs or stock over-runs
  • Flexible replenishment such that right product is supplied to the right store at the right time

Retail Management for Hardware and Building Suppliers

Control for hardware and building suppliers is known for its robust and easy to use hardware store POS capabilities and gives your entire retail enterprise the tools needed to achieve retail success. The benefits include:

  • Easily handles price variations in the product hierarchy and links different pricing for a product as one item when conducting stock inventory control.
  • Simplifies and automates the complex retail aspect of your business and provides a complete view of stock at multi-store level and warehouse.
  • Improves forecasting and replenishment to easily adjust to the changing stock demands.
  • Ensures balanced inventory and drives efficient supply chain management.
  • Let’ you compete online via Control’s integrated Online Store module.
  • Improved customer service, enhanced sales and marketing promotions via inbuilt CRM module.

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Control has a long track record of ensuring your business runs efficiently and effectively and give your customers the hardware goods they are looking for with state-of-the-art customer service.

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