Fashion & Footwear Retail Management

The unique industry challenges

  • Your product offering changes frequently making it difficult to keep track of constantly rotating product with new ranges.
  • Successfully forecast the unique demands of your fashion and footwear business.
  • Multiple style, size, color variations can really make forecasting, ordering and managing stock complicated and time consuming.

Control Retail Management for Fashion and Footwear

Our Control Retail Software caters today’s fashion and footwear retailers and makes sure your fashion and footwear business runs efficiently and effectively. The Control retail software gives companies the power to manage the entire retail enterprise and the tools needed to achieve retail success. Control is a point of sale and retail management system that offers all the functionalities, simplifies and automates the complex retail requirements with ease.

The benefits of our Control Retail software

  • Gain visibility, streamline operations with increased productivity
  • Enables better forecasting and facilitates more targeted buying
  • Assists in reduction of excessive markdowns and overbuying
  • Provides a complete view of available stocks at multi-store level and warehouse
  • Increases customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, customer service and sales via CRM module
  • Manages your end-to-end business and improves forecasting, inventory management and replenishment

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From sourcing products through merchandising to POS to CRM, Control Retail Software helps your Fashion and Footwear retail business run smoothly. It comes with a comprehensive POS system functionality as well as sophisticated backend features.

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