Books & Music Retail Software

The unique industry challenges

  • Increased online competition from retailers that heavily offers frequent discounts
  • Increased popularity of e-books and e-readers further impacting the profit margins of book stores
  • Extensive creation and distribution of e-books, digital reference, music CDs and DVDs on a larger scale
  • Supply chain management can be challenging when dealing with different publishers’ or distributors’

Retail Management for Books Stores & Music Stores

Control for Book and Music Stores is a retail management solution that delivers efficiency and the affordable goods your customers are looking for with service they can depend on. It also simplifies and automates the complex retail requirement of your business and provides the following benefits:

  • Helps your retail store run smoothly and also lets you compete with online retailers, large department stores via Control’s Online Store module.
  • Increased sales via targeted and relevant promotions with integrated CRM module.
  • Sophisticated search capabilities enable fast and effective customer enquiries.
  • Allows easy trade with publishers via EDI capability and also allows scanning and tracking of book sales at POS via ISBN number.
  • Enables superior supply chain management with various integrated modules such as POS, Inventory Management and Replenishment.

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Control for Book and Music retailers offers comprehensive retail software functionality with sophisticated backend features and helps increase customer satisfaction and overall sales.

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