Accounts Payable System

A comprehensive solution for managing expenditures

Control Accounts Payable (AP) system accurately tracks payments, helps manage cash forecasting with the ability to initiate payments easily across business entities or departments and at the same time it ensures that you claim any allowable settlement discount.

The Accounts Payable benefits include:  

  • Accurate and fast payment generation and processing.
  • Greater visibility and control of accounts payable processes
  • Cost saving due to high level of reduction with manual AP processes
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Keep your financials up-to-date and forecasts accurate financial information
  • Increased productivity by automating workflow process and strengthening vendor relationships
  • Automate payment processing with a clear view of purchasing activities
  • Easily manages accounts payable and improves financial reporting

Accounts Payable features include:

Payment Processing: The Account Payable system generates payments by EFT, cheque and generates remittances which are delivered by email or can be printed.

Enquiries and Report Generation: With the Account Payable system you can easily retrieve the information you desire. From account details, transaction history, outstanding bills, vendor detail report to cash reporting, reconciliation of delivery dockets, invoice discrepancies and lots more you can efficiently manage AP with ease. The AP system also has easy-to-use Report Writer and optional ODBC connection for data manipulation along with graphs and reporting via Excel and Access.

Now, eliminate time wasted on manual processes by automating invoicing and accounts payable management and leverage from the electronic invoicing and payment capabilities that go well beyond traditional accounts payable software. 

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